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About Career Pathways
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Career Pathways is a conduit for students to pursue careers that best fit their interests and skills. Career Pathways provides career information for students, aids them in choosing the right courses that will best meet their future career needs, and expands student opportunities for learning and career preparation.

At the kindergarten through middle school levels, Career Pathways focuses on introducing the concept of a career to students and making them aware of careers. At the junior high level, Career Pathways allows the student to do more exploration about careers of interest.

In high school, students begin to focus on a career area, which is not a specific career, but rather, an area of interest.  For instance, a child may be interested in the health career field. Career Pathways provides information and resources that allows the student to explore which health industry career best suits them, i.e., doctor, nurse, physical therapist, etc. 

Focusing on a career area gives meaning to learning. Very often, pathway courses are followed by more advanced topics. The core academics - reading, writing, mathematics and science - are taught and reinforced in a thematic way, but regardless of a student's chosen pathway, he will acquire academic skills. Students can always change pathways depending on their interests, aptitudes and abilities.

Our career pathways structure offers the student:

  • Opportunities to see that the skills and knowledge acquired in school relates to a range of career choices
  • Opportunities for a more successful high school education - from the academically gifted to those who need remedial education
  • Opportunities to learn about broad career options
  • Assistance in developing meaningful educational plans
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